Food Fraud – DNA Barcoding

Emily Cheung – ASR Year1 Student

Title: Food Fraud – Is that really what you’re eating?

Research Background: Food Fraud has been an issue that affects people worldwide. In modern society, food diversity varies from hundreds to thousands of choices. This diversity has people eating different foods everyday. However, there has been food fraud on the meat that we consume on a daily basis. Many companies sell products that aren’t what they claim. Where luxurious products are replaced for cheap alternatives. Since these fake foods are identical to the original meat, consumers can’t differentiate these differences and risks that companies have put forth.

Research Objective: To test whether the fast foods from restaurants and companies that they claim are what they are actually selling. Being that there has been many frauds in the foods that we consume on a daily basis. I will analyze fast food samples to look for the DNA of the animal that it’s supposed to be and compare it to what they claim it to be.

Previous Studies,Research and References:

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Science Research Motivation: Aside from my personal interests which is human physiology, DNA and genetics interest me because there are endless research experiements that can be conducted. I took the DNA barcoding path as a chance that it might be a field which would interest me. I knew that it was going to be hard to chose a field of study without trying it first, so i took the risk and gave DNA barcoding an opportunity. There are a numerous types of studies in the field of science and I will continue to give each field a try. My interest for health science dates way back to when I was old enough to know the many health conditions which affects my family.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s Urban Barcode Research Program,


Fordham University’s Laboratory


Student Background: I am currently an Advanced Science Research (ASR) year 1 student and sophomore of Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics High School located in East Harlem. I am American Born Chinese but my parents are both from China. I plan to study human physiology however due to the large range of topics that I can study in this field I have not yet decided on one particular topic. My curiosity for health care and sciences developed when I was young and nurses would have to visit my grandmothers due to their health conditions. Ever since, I knew that I wanted to investigate in helping people with their lives.

News Flash: Will start individual laboratory work starting this summer 2014

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