Veterinary Studies

Elaine Caceres– ASR Year 1

Mirian Arellanes– ASR Year 1

What is veterinary science? :

We are interested in Veterinary studies. Veterinary studies are the “branch of science that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, disorder and injury in animals.”

Research Interests and objective:

Elaine is interested in internal medicine and Emergency Room (ER)/ critical care. Elaine became interested in veterinary studies through the love of animals. She has seen videos about animals that have been abused and has taken it into her heart to help them even though she did not have the skills to do so at the time. Elaine hopes to grow mentally and be able to help animals who are injured so that they do not have to suffer. For Mirian, she did not plan on becoming a veterinarian at first but later rethought the idea and soon became very intrigued. Mirian also has a deep love for animals and wants to gain the skills that she needs in order to care of them both physically and mentally. Mirian is interested in zoological medicine and animal behavior.

 There are only 28 Veterinary Universities/Colleges in the US:

1. auburn universityAuburn University

2. tuskegee Tuskegee University

3.ucdavis   University of California-Davis

4.colorodostate Colorado State University

5.  unioffloridaUniversity of Florida

6. uniofgeorgia University of Georgia

7. illionoisuniUniversity of Illinois

8.purdue Purdue University

9.iowa Iowa State University

10.  kansas Kansas State University

11.  loui  Louisiana State University

12. tufts Tufts University

13. michiganMichigan State University

14.  minnesota  University of Minnesota

15. missi Mississippi State University

16.missouri University of Missouri

17. cornell  Cornell University

18.NCSTATE North Carolina State University

19. ohio The Ohio State University

20.  oklahoma Oklahoma State University

21. oregon Oregon State University

22.    penn University of Pennsylvania

23.tennessee University of Tennessee

24.texas  Texas A & M University

25. virginia Virginia Tech

26. wash  Washington State University

27.  wis University of Wisconsin-Madison

28. west Western University of Health Sciences

ASR Student Background:

Name: Elaine Caceres

Current Grade level: 10th grade (sophomore in high school)

Ethnicity: Hispanic (My family is from Dominican Republic and originally from Spain)

Motivation: Elaine has a deep love for animals and wants to help injured animals with the skills that she will later develop when she becomes a veterinarian.

Intended College Major: Pre-veterinary studies

Name: Mirian Arellanes

Current Grade level: 10th grade (sophomore in high school)

Ethnicity: Mexican American

Motivation: Mirian also has a deep love for animals. Mirian believes that she will become a great veterinarian who takes care of animals in need.

Intended College Major: Biology and Pre-veterinary studies

News Updates:

(December, 16, 2013) After finding a tick on a family lab, the tick was sent to a lab for testing. It has been discovered that black-legged ticks and deer ticks carry about a dozen of diseases, one of which is Lyme disease. Lyme disease can be very dangerous to humans and dogs. It is advised to check and monitor your pet for any ticks. The symptoms of the early stage of Lyme disease include: a stiff neck, chills, fever, swollen lymph nodes, headaches, fatigue, muscle aches, and joint pain.


Helpful Websites on Veterinary science:

Contact Information:

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