Clinical Psychology

Wendy Weng

ASR Year 1

Research Institutions/ Departments (University Logos):

-Fordham University: Psychology Department (

-Columbia University Psychology Department (

-NYU Psychology Department (

– Hunter Psychology Department (


Most of the research institutions or departments are for undergrads and students who are in college and the ones listed above are just examples of such departments.

Research Objectives: As a first year student of ASR, I want to focus my research on Clinical Psychology, which is “… the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental disorders.” A Clinical Psychologist can help people with emotional problems and at times help those cope with physical injuries. Not only that but they also help couples deal with divorce or the loss of a loved one. As for me, I want to focus more on the mental illness such as depression because it can affect a person so much that he/she might attempt suicide. Also after some research I found out that 1 in 10 Americans suffered from depression at one point of their lives. This shows there are lots of people who are dealing with this and I want to grow up in the future to help them.

depression statistics infographic

ASR Student Background:

Name: Wendy Weng

Grade Level: 10th grade

Ethnicity: Asian

Intended College Major(s): Psychology

Motivation for entering ASR: As a young kid, I was always interested in psychology because the way the human mind worked really intrigued me. I find it interesting that we get hurt more with mental pains, such as suffering from depression, rather than physical pains like getting hit. Therefore, after learning about the Advanced Science Program in my school, I decided to join. Luckily I got accepted to this program and now I have a chance to study clinical psychology and hopefully I can become a great clinical psychologist in the future.

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