Fawziyah Khan

ASR Year 1

What area of research am I interested in?

Oncology, generally, is the study of cancer.   Oncology is a very broad branch of science, including cancers from  leukemia to neuroblastomas.   My  research interest categorizes under brain cancer, which is also know as neuro-oncology. I actually got motivated to explore oncology when I first heard that my grandmother was diagnosed with colon cancer.  As I looked into oncology, I realized that I was more interested in brain cancer than any other type of cancer.  Furthermore, what was more intriguing to me about neuro-oncology is that it is difficult to treat and that is it was the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in children under the age of 20.

Additional Information:

  •  Primary brain tumors occur in people of all ages, but they are more frequent in children and older adults.
  •  Metastatic brain tumors are more common in adults than children.
  • For every 100,000 people in the United States, approximately 221 are living following the diagnosis of a brain tumor.


Research Institutions

Johns Hopkins University


Columbia University

Stony Brook University


Princeton University 


New York University 


Harvard University 

Yale University







Rockerfeller University


Stanford University

Cornell University


ASR Background

Grade Level:  I am currently a sophomore in high school, and also a Year 1 Advanced Science Researcher.

Ethnicity and Country of Origin: I am an Asian, originating from Bangladesh.  Bangladesh is directly to the right of India and under Nepal.

Research Motivation: I applied  to the Advanced Science Research Program (ASR) so I can get experience doing advanced research in the field of neuro-oncology.  Ever since I was in fifth grade, I was keen to understand what cancer was and decided from there on that I wanted  to be an oncologist.  As I researched more into oncology, I realized that I had much more interest in neuro-oncology.  I would like to specifically study glioblastomas because almost every known treatment proved to be ineffective towards treating this type of malignant tumor.  I have a passion and desire to help individuals diagnosed with cancer, which is really what motivates me to study neuro-oncology.


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